Freestyle Coaching with Chris

Looking for a coaching relationship without being bound by a specific appointment time commitment?  Freestyle coaching with allows you to schedule sessions when you need them.

Two flexible sessions for $350


Here are what some of my clients are saying.

"I'm not even sure that this guys is human...I think he came back in time with a head full of knowledge!"

Bryan Dale

Real Estate Rainmaker, Team Leader

As successful as my business was, I hit a ceiling and no longer had time to grow.  Chris helped me install the systems, tools and people I needed to take my business to the next level and do more, with less time.  Thank you!

Maria Lindh

Broker Owner, Next Level Realty

In the words of my favorite coach Chris, "It'll be fine" and when I work with him, I feel confident that it will be.  There are few people I've met along my journey who's actions align with their words, and I'm grateful to have Chris in my life.

Ifoma Pierre

Coach & Speaker, GEM Coaching

"Chris has been my coach for the past two years and has played a pivotal part in my growth as an individual, business owner and leader.  His experience of leading companies has helped me avoid so many leadership pitfalls."

Abel Curiel

Realtor, Team CEO

"I've built a business that was almost completely repeat and referral business.  Chris helped shine a light on some blind spots and maximize those relationships to meet even more people.  I'm forever grateful for these strategies."

Irina Dupree

Insurance Agent

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